Blasphemic Reading Soirée #10
Orgasmanauts, 27.01.2020, Roxy Birsfelden
(c) Roman Seifert
(c) Roman Seifert
(c) Roman Seifert
(c) Roman Seifert

“Blasphemic Reading Soirées” is a nomadic platform for contemporary feminism that wants to make (queer) feminist texts accessible and foster debates. For each soirée a text is choses to be read together, in a space that corresponds to the contents of the text.

Annie Sprinkle the queen of punk porn is back!! And she’s not alone but the captain of a team of brilliant sexologists, artists and researchers that embark us on a mind-blowing journey to Planet Orgasm: the training centre for Orgasmanauts.
In “The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm: for every body” Sprinkle and her team open up a sexy boot camp for everyone regardless of their gender or sexuality. What you need to get off from planet Earth? Well, you have to overcome the idea that knowledge about orgasm might take away its magic. Annie Sprinkle: “Everyone can learn more about orgasm, and it will remain a great mystery. The real question is, how much pleasure can you take?”
Following in Annie’s footsteps and mindset, we read the text in a place that celebrates pleasure, directness and exposure: on the stage of a theatre, in ROXY Birsfelden.
In Sprinkle’s guide it is all about moregasms, dreamgasms, crygasms and yet unknown orgasms. We take Annie Sprinkle’s lunatic and funny guidebook as a starting point to reflect on embarrassment and insecurities that come along with talking about orgasms or sex education in general, but also it’s self-optimizing or controversial character.