Only IRL? Performances auf Twitch, Annual meeting of VKKS (Association of Swiss Art Historians), 15.10.2021, HeK, Basel
Conversation with Timothy Morton & Yvonne Volkart, 10.10.2021, donaufestival, Kino im Kesselhaus, Krems
Panel 20 Years of AIR Lower Austria, 08.10.2021, Krems
Panel Swiss Performance Art Award, 29.08.2021, Lokremise St. Gallen
Curator's tour puzzled, 03.07.2021, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
Curator's tour puzzled, 12.06.2021, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
Podcast: Im Kunstraum - "Sweet Sixteen", with Christiane Krejs & Claudia Lomoschitz, June 2021
Podcast: Im Kunstraum - "Throwback Stormy Weather", with Claire Hoffmann, April 2021
Guest Lecture: Negotiating one's own present, 27.03.2021, Master program ecm - educating/curating/managing, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Podcast: Im Kunstraum - "Life constantly escapes with Andrea Popelka", March 2021
Virtual Tour through Stormy Weather, February - April, Centre culturel suisse, Paris
Performance Art in Multi-Player-Games, 19.11.2020, SUBOTRON online arcademy
Curator's Tour Stormy Weather, 14.11.2020, 13:00, online/Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna
Curator's Tour, 08.11.2020, 14:00, Kunsthalle Basel
Curator's Tour, 05.11.2020, 18:30, Kunsthalle Basel
Podcast: Im Kunstraum - "Julischka Stengele im Gespr├Ąch", September 2020
Podcast: Im Kunstraum - "Vampirische Prozesse", July 2020
Podcast: Im Kunstraum - "Gedanken aus der Isolation"
SALOON @HOME, 21.04.2020
Podcast: Im Kunstraum "Throwback Stone Telling", February 2020
Podcast: Im Kunstraum "Queere Entanglements", January 2020
Talking Sensibilities - Artist Talk w/ Johanna Bruckner, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, 24.01.2020, Vienna
Throwback: The Enforced Dress, Panel Discussion, 21.11.2019, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna
Survival of the Fittest, Art Mediation Game, sic! Raum f├╝r Kunst, 16.11.2019, Luzern
Performances in Multiplayer Online Games, Lecture, 26.10.2019, CCS, Paris
Rhetorics of Realism? Contemporary gaming cultures and socially engaged art practices, Conference "NO Rhetorics. Versions and Subversions of Resistance in Contemporary Global Art", 13.-14.09.2020, Bern/Z├╝rich
Rhetorischer Realismus? ├ťber Gaming-Referenzen in der Gegenwartskunst, 13.06.2019, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Throwback: Nach Demokratie, Panel Discussion, 11.06.2019, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna
Magical Resistance. Witchcraft and Contemporary Art, Lecture, 23.05.2020, HGK, Basel
Cross Over - Women's Art in Time, Panel Discussion/Moderation, Landesgalerie Nieder├Âsterreich, Krems
Witchcraft Hysteria. References to Witchcraft in Contemporary Art, joint lecture with Johanna Braun, 26.02.2019, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Magical Resistance. Witchcraft and Contemporary Art, Project Space Last Tango, 19.01.2020, Zurich
Schnittmengen #5: All that remains. Researching artists' estates, 10.12.2018, Museum Tinguely, Basel
Press X: Handlungsanleitungen und Agency in Hito Steyerls Factory of the Sun, Conference, "Handlungsakte. Mediale Formen von Anleitungen in den K├╝nsten", 08.11.-09.11.2018, University Bielefeld
Schnittmengen #4: Care or Cure? Curatorial Ethics Today, 02.10.2018, Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart, Basel
Schnittmengen #3: We're in this together, 21.09.2018, Critical Media Lab/HGK, Basel
Witchcraft Hysteria: Performing Witchcraft in Contemporary Art and Pop Culture, Lecture with Johanna Braun, UCLA, Los Angeles
Schnittmengen #2: BFFs, 29.06.2018, Off-Space bikini, Basel
Schnittmengen #1: Writing the History of the Now, 17.04.2018, Kunsthalle Basel, Basel