Podcast: Im Kunstraum - "Sweet Sixteen"
with Christiane Krejs & Claudia Lomoschitz, June 2021
public doman, New York Public Library

Happy Birthday!

Aside with anti-aging recipes and rhetoric about "aging with grace": we celebrate our birthdays in the best of moods! On the occasion of Kunstraum Niederoesterreich's 16th birthday, we'll have a special edition of our podcast, with everything you need for a pandemic birthday party: friends (but not too many) and good spirits (unlimited!). Together with founding director Christiane Krejs, who led Kunstraum from 2005-2018, and artist Claudia Lomoschitz, who just showed her performance project Partus Gyno Bitch Tits at Kunstraum, our artistic director Katharina Brandl plays a game of Taboo on our past and present. A listening recommendation for all those who always wanted to know how the Kunstraum made it into inquiries of the Lower Austrian Landtag, what witch's milk is and how the Kunstraum had its canteen flair exorcised - enjoy!

The podcast ist recorded in German.

Guests: Christiane Krejs, Claudia Lomoschitz
Moderation: Katharina Brandl
Editing: Marina Ninić
Opener and mastering: Alexander Wieser | Sonobelle Recordings
Image Credits: ©️ eSeL.at

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