Einführung in die Praxis kunsthistorischen Arbeitens
Spring Term 2021, BA Art History, University of Basel

The analysis of works of art requires information. The course teaches the basic techniques of scientific work, which are needed to research such information and to critically examine it in order to be able to use it at the end for a text or a lecture. How do I work with the specific libraries and their databases, either on site or on the net? How do I deal with digital reproductions? Where do I find good reproductions of artworks, how can I find reliable information about them? And finally: How do I cite such sources correctly and in what form do I have to cite them? The course introduces such techniques and refers to the databases central to art history and their use. We will visit libraries, archives and museums on site to get to know their working methods in detail.

Spring Term 2020, BA Art History, University of Basel