Talking Sensibilities - Artist Talk w/ Johanna Bruckner
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, 24.01.2020, Vienna
(c) - Joanna Pianka

In this public discussion format, Johanna Bruckner provides an introduction to her artistic practice based on her video installation and performance Quantum Brittle Stars, one day after its presentation in Kunstraum Niederoesterreich. Together with artistic director Katharina Brandl, she will discuss the transformations that sensibility and sentience are subject to in a time of ever-closer ties between humans and machines.

With the emergence of sex robots, physical intimacy – in particular – becomes a social realm that is anything but the last stronghold of direct, not technologically mediated human contact. Going beyond techno-pessimistic visions, Johanna Bruckner’s work and the talk focus on new potentials, new concepts of corporeality in light of these changes. And what all of this has to do with quantum physics and brittle stars will also become clearer.