Work hard, play hard
Zur Verhältnisbestimmung von Arbeit, Spiel und Leben, 15.10.2022, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
Panhans & Winkler, If You Tell Me When Your Birthday Is, 2020 (Filmstill)

15.10.2022, 19:00
Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Is our society becoming more gamified and if so, does this promise more freedom or more control?

Stefan Panhans' and Andrea Winklers' video installations are full of references to digital games: In Panhans' video Freeroam À Rebours, Mod#I.1 (2016), performers embody the inadequate movements of avatars in the blockbuster video game Grand Theft Auto. In their miniseries HOSTEL (2018), cultural workers engage in a spoken-word battle with cut scenes to images of screen-based games, and in one of their most recent video installations DEFENDER (2021), viewers are seated on gaming chairs. Their CGI video If You Tell Me When Your Birthday Is (2020) even takes place entirely in a virtual world modeled on computer games.

Katharina Brandl's talk will explore the contemporary relationship between games and labor in the context of platform capitalism, which also opens up new perspectives on Panhans' and Winklers' practice.