Schnittmengen #3: We're in this together
21.09.2018, Critical Media Lab/HGK, Basel
(c) Roman Seifert
(c) Roman Seifert
(c) Roman Seifert
(c) Roman Seifert
(c) Roman Seifert

The third edition of the series of talks "Schnittmengen" took the exhibition Eco-Visionaries at the HeK as an opportunity to explore the specific knowledge of media arts.

In the course of the panel discussion, the discussants explored the location of man and nature in relation to one another: How can connections, relationships and mutual conditionality between man and nature be thought about through artistic works? How meaningful and productive is the dichotomy between nature and culture still? What forms of knowledge can media art, BioArts or projects from the field of Art and Science provide? What forms of empathy or care for our non-human or even inorganic environment can such projects evoke?

The panelists were Sabine Himmelsbach (director, HeK), Jens Hauser (art and cultural scientist and curator), Yvonne Volkart (director of the SNF research project Ecodata - Ecomedia - Eco-Aesthetics at the HGK FHNW and co-curator of Eco-Visionaries) and Friederike Zenker (animal ethicist, eikones - Center for the Theory and History of the Image).

The eikones discussion series was conceived and moderated by Katharina Brandl and Claire Hoffmann. The conversation was conducted in German.

The event took place in cooperation with the Critical Media Lab/ IXDM and the Institut Ă„sthetische Praxis und Theorie/ IAeP of the HGK FHNW as well as the Haus der elektronischen KĂ¼nste Basel HeK.